Medison Bowl Azure/clear/green

₹ 54,000.00
₹ 54,000.00
Color: Azure-Clear-Green

Enhance Your Home with Elegant Design

The Madison Bowl Azure/clear/green revives traditional aesthetics with its clear crystal top and vibrant green and azure bottom. This unique piece holds

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Enhance Your Home with Elegant Design

The Madison Bowl Azure/clear/green revives traditional aesthetics with its clear crystal top and vibrant green and azure bottom. This unique piece holds the power to transform everyday gatherings into tasteful celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or having a quiet meal at home, the Madison Bowl adds a dash of sophistication to every moment.

Ideal for Everyday Indulgence

Perfect for serving your favorite sweet treats, mixed fruits, or even as a stand-alone centerpiece, this bowl suits a variety of household occasions. The seamless blend of colors maximizes its visual appeal, making it a delightful companion for your culinary creations.

Durably Crafted, Lasting Beauty

Crafted with the utmost precision, the Madison Bowl Azure/clear/green stands as a testament to durable craftsmanship. The sturdy build ensures it remains a part of your home décor for years, while its maintenance is as simple as a gentle hand wash, ensuring it retains its gleam and glamour.



Reflections Copenhagen is a celebrated brand that stands out for its creative fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Established by Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson, this Danish brand is recognized for its innovative use of crystal and glass, which transforms everyday items into striking pieces of art. Their collections are celebrated for injecting modernity into classic forms, often featuring asymmetric designs and a vibrant palette. Not just limited to homeware, Reflections Copenhagen also ventures into furniture and lighting, ensuring each item encapsulates functionality with artistic integrity. Their bold, eye-catching pieces are designed to make a statement in any setting.

The Madison Bowl is ingeniously designed to revive and reinterpret traditional design through its unique composition. The top section of the bowl is crafted from clear crystal, evoking the purity and simplicity of classic crystal ware. However, the true artistry of the piece is revealed in its vibrant green and azure bottom, which infuses a modern vibrancy into the design. This bold color scheme is not only visually striking but also symbolically rich, representing a bridge between the old and the new, the serene and the dynamic.

The seamless blend of these colors not only enhances the bowl's visual appeal but also makes it a versatile companion for a variety of culinary presentations. Whether it's serving sweet treats, mixed fruits, or standing alone as a centerpiece, the Madison Bowl enhances every interaction with its elegant presence, transforming everyday gatherings into tasteful celebrations. The choice of colors and the gradation technique are carefully chosen to maximize the impact of light refraction, a deliberate nod to the brand’s prowess in manipulating materials to create not just functional items but pieces of art that play with their surroundings.

Crafted with premium quality materials, the Madison Bowl stands as a testament to durable craftsmanship. Each bowl is meticulously formed with precision, ensuring that it not only serves its purpose with elegance but also endures through time as a staple piece of home decor. The robust build paired with the simplicity of maintenance—requiring just a gentle hand wash to retain its gleam and glamour—underscores Reflections' commitment to practical luxury.

The Madison Bowl, with its vibrant blend of green and azure on a clear crystal base, offers a spectacular opportunity to introduce color and sophistication into your home decor. Here are some practical styling tips on how to place and highlight this exquisite piece in various rooms:

Ideal Placement:

  • Dining Room: The Madison Bowl is ideal as a central feature on your dining table. Fill it with fresh fruit or decorative spheres to complement a casual brunch or an elegant dinner. It will serve as a conversation starter while adding a pop of color.
  • Kitchen: Place the Madison Bowl on a kitchen island or countertop filled with seasonal fruits or vegetables. Its vibrant colors and elegant design will elevate the everyday function to decor.
  • Living Room:The bowl can serve as a decorative element in the living room when placed on a coffee table or an end table. Consider filling it with decorative items that complement the room’s color scheme or leave it empty to showcase its own beauty.
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Styling Tips

  • Complementing Decor: Enhance the azure and green hues of the bowl with matching decor elements like throw pillows, vases, or artworks in similar shades. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look in the room.
  • Lighting: Utilize natural light by placing the bowl in a location where it can catch sunlight, such as near a window. The translucent quality of the crystal will capture and reflect the light beautifully, creating a lively display of colors.
  • Functional Use:For everyday use, the bowl can hold practical items like keys in the entryway or potpourri in the bathroom, making it not only a decorative but also a functional piece.

Maintenance and Care:

  • As the Madison Bowl is crafted from high-quality materials, maintaining its appearance involves simple, regular handwashing with gentle soap and drying with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to keep it gleaming.

By integrating these style guide suggestions, the Madison Bowl can enhance the aesthetics of your home and become a cherished part of your interior décor, blending functionality with artistic flair.

Color Azure/Clear/Green
Dimensions H 18 X D 14.5 cm
H 7.09 X W 5.71 inch
Material Fine hand cut crystal
Country of Origin Denmark