Round Shape tray

₹ 99,000.00
₹ 99,000.00
Color: Ash Wood

Sophisticated Elegance: Riviere Round Shape Tray from the Dama Collection

Artistry by Nicola Gallizia Presenting the Riviere Round Shape Tray from the esteemed Dama Collection, designed by the

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Sophisticated Elegance: Riviere Round Shape Tray from the Dama Collection

Artistry by Nicola Gallizia Presenting the Riviere Round Shape Tray from the esteemed Dama Collection, designed by the renowned Nicola Gallizia. This tray is a fresh and delicate variation of the Dama Collection, characterized by light and bright tones that exude elegance and modernity. It is crafted with solid tinted ash wood and features design inserts with a titanium finish, exemplifying meticulous attention to detail.

Fresh and Delicate Design

The Riviere Round Shape Tray is a testament to sophisticated design and craftsmanship. Its light and bright color palette brings a sense of freshness and delicacy to any space. The tray’s balanced proportions and round shape make it a versatile piece that can adapt to various settings and purposes.

Premium Materials and Finish

Crafted from solid tinted ash wood, this tray is both sturdy and stylish. The titanium finish on the design inserts adds a touch of modern sophistication, making it a standout piece in any decor. The combination of these premium materials ensures durability while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

Distinctive Design Signature

Nicola Gallizia’s design for the Dama Collection reflects a keen eye for balance and proportion. The tray’s harmonious design elements create a cohesive and visually pleasing piece that embodies the luxury and craftsmanship of Riviere. This tray is not just a functional item but a piece of art that elevates any space it occupies.



Nicola Gallizia, an esteemed designer known for his sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, brings his artistic vision to life with the Riviere Dama Collection. With a deep appreciation for balance, proportion, and the subtle interplay of materials, Gallizia's work reflects a modern interpretation of classic design principles. His creations are renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, elegant lines, and the harmonious integration of form and function.

Riviere, a brand synonymous with luxury and exquisite Italian craftsmanship, collaborates with top designers like Gallizia to create timeless pieces that elevate everyday living. Rooted in the rich tradition of Italian artistry, Riviere's collections are a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty of interiors while offering practical solutions for modern lifestyles.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the architectural heritage of Italy, Riviere's creations reflect a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary design. The Dama Collection, in particular, showcases the brand's dedication to refined aesthetics and superior craftsmanship. The use of premium materials and the attention to detail in every piece highlight the brand's pursuit of excellence and elegance.

The Riviere Round Shape Tray from the Dama Collection is a masterpiece of modern design and sophisticated elegance. Nicola Gallizia's vision for this tray is evident in its light and bright tones, which bring a sense of freshness and delicacy to any setting. Crafted from solid tinted ash wood, the tray exudes both sturdiness and style, making it a versatile addition to any home or office.

The Riviere Round Shape Tray adds both style and functionality to any space in your home. This versatile piece offers a perfect platform for displaying decorative items or keeping everyday essentials organized.

Ideal Room Placement:

  • Living Room Placement: Place the Riviere Round Shape Tray on a coffee table or an ottoman. Use it to display a selection of coffee table books, a small vase with fresh flowers, or decorative candles. This not only organizes the space but also adds a touch of elegance. Pair the tray with a plush throw blanket draped over the sofa and some coordinating throw pillows to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Dining Room Placement: Use the tray as a centerpiece on the dining table. Arrange a collection of small decorative items, such as a sculptural piece, a candleholder, or a bowl of seasonal fruits. This enhances the visual appeal of the dining area without cluttering the space. Complement the tray with a runner or placemats that match its color palette, and consider using it to serve appetizers or drinks when entertaining guests.
  • Bedroom Placement: Position the tray on a dresser or bedside table. Organize daily essentials like a jewelry box, a watch stand, or a small tray for keys and coins. It can also hold a bedtime book and a carafe with a glass. Add a scented candle or a small plant to enhance the relaxing ambiance of the room.
  • Entryway Placement: Place the tray on an entryway console table. Use it to organize keys, mail, and other daily essentials. It provides a stylish and practical solution to keep your entryway tidy. Pair the tray with a decorative mirror above the console and a small bowl for loose change or small trinkets.
RIVIERE Round Shape tray

Styling Suggestions:

  • Color Coordination:The light and bright tones of the tray make it a versatile piece that can complement various color schemes. Pair it with neutral colors for a minimalist look or with bold accents for a more dramatic effect.
  • Texture and Material Mix:Mix the smooth, polished surface of the tray with textured items like woven coasters, a fabric-covered book, or a ceramic vase to add depth and interest.
  • Lighting:Proper lighting can highlight the tray's fine details and premium materials. Place it near a light source like a table lamp or under a spotlight to draw attention to its craftsmanship.
  • Arrangement:Balance is key when arranging items on the tray. Use objects of varying heights and sizes to create visual interest without overcrowding the tray.

Additional Subtle Details:

  • Floral Arrangements:Fresh flowers or a small potted plant can add a touch of nature and color to the tray. Choose flowers that complement the tray's color scheme and enhance the room's decor.
  • Decorative Accessories:Incorporate stylish accessories like elegant coasters, small decorative bowls, or artistic figurines to personalize the tray and add visual interest.
  • Functional Accessories:In functional spaces like the living room or bedroom, pair the tray with practical yet stylish items like a remote control holder, a jewelry box, or a beautiful catch-all dish.
Color Ash Wood
Dimensions L 42 X W 42 cm
L 16.54 X W 16.54 inch
Material Ashwood & Chrome
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.47 kg
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