Wall Mask Batman

₹ 205,000.00
₹ 205,000.00
Color: Black

A Masterpiece of Superhero Artistry

The Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman is a striking piece of decor that captures the essence of the Dark Knight. Crafted with

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A Masterpiece of Superhero Artistry

The Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman is a striking piece of decor that captures the essence of the Dark Knight. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wall mask is more than just a decorative item; it is a work of art that reflects the iconic status of Batman . Created by the renowned French studio Leblon-Delienne, this mask combines high-quality materials with superior craftsmanship, making it a must-have for any Batman enthusiast or collector.

Dynamic Design and Intricate Details

The design of the Batman wall mask is both dynamic and intricate, showcasing the hero's iconic cowl with its sharp angles and imposing presence. The mask's sleek black finish and finely detailed contours highlight the craftsmanship involved in its creation. This piece not only brings the spirit of Batman into any room but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decor. Its impressive size and attention to detail ensure it stands out as a focal point on any wall.

Perfect for Any Space

Whether you are a dedicated collector or simply a fan of Batman, the Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman is an ideal addition to any space. It fits perfectly in a living room, office, or dedicated entertainment area, instantly elevating the ambiance with its presence. The mask serves as both a tribute to the legendary superhero and a conversation starter, making it a versatile and impactful piece of decor.

Leblon Delienne


Leblon-Delienne is a celebrated name in the realm of collectible art, renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs. Based in France, the studio has a rich history of transforming beloved characters from popular culture into extraordinary works of art. Each piece crafted by Leblon-Delienne is a testament to their dedication to detail, quality, and artistic expression. This commitment has earned them a prestigious reputation among collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide, where their creations are treasured as both decorative items and valuable collectibles.

The artisans at Leblon-Delienne draw inspiration from a myriad of cultural influences, including the timeless appeal of classic literature, the dynamic energy of contemporary pop culture, and the elegance of modern design. This diverse inspiration is reflected in their work, where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative artistic vision. By merging classical sculpting techniques with modern aesthetics, Leblon-Delienne creates pieces that are both visually stunning and deeply evocative, capturing the essence of the characters and stories they represent.

Leblon-Delienne's dedication to excellence is evident in every piece they produce. Handcrafted with precision, each item showcases the studio’s expertise in both design and execution. The use of high-quality materials ensures that each creation is not only beautiful but also durable, capable of standing the test of time. This meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality has established Leblon-Delienne as a leader in the field of collectible art, where their pieces are highly sought after by collectors and fans alike.

The Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman is a stunning example of the studio's mastery of superhero artistry. This wall mask captures the essence of the Dark Knight with meticulous attention to detail. The mask's dynamic design showcases Batman's iconic cowl, with sharp angles and an imposing presence that brings the spirit of Gotham’s hero into any room. The sleek black finish and finely detailed contours highlight the superior craftsmanship involved in its creation, making it a standout piece of decor.

Elevate your interior decor with the dramatic and iconic presence of the Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman.

Living Room:

  • Placement: Position the Batman wall mask above a fireplace, sofa, or main seating area to make it a commanding focal point. Its imposing presence will draw attention and set a sophisticated tone for the room.
  • Complementary Decor: Use a monochromatic color scheme or dark, rich tones to complement the mask's sleek black finish. Incorporate modern furniture with clean lines to enhance the mask's dramatic effect.
  • Subtle Details: Add subtle nods to the Batman theme with framed comic book covers, Gotham City-inspired artwork, or small Batman figurines. Ensure the surrounding decor remains understated to allow the wall mask to shine.


  • Placement: Hang the wall mask behind your desk or in a prominent spot within your workspace. It will serve as an inspirational piece, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Complementary Decor: Opt for a minimalist office setup with dark wood or metal furnishings. A glass desk or metal shelves can add to the modern, sleek look that complements the mask.
  • Subtle Details: Include a few black or metallic office accessories, such as desk organizers, pens, or lamps, to tie the room together without overwhelming the space.

Entertainment Area:

  • Placement: Display the wall mask in your home theater or entertainment room, where it can set the mood for movie nights and gaming sessions. Position it centrally to maximize its impact.
  • Complementary Decor: Use a mix of modern and industrial elements, such as leather seating, exposed brick walls, and metallic accents. This will create an edgy, stylish backdrop for the wall mask.
  • Subtle Details: Enhance the theme with Batman posters, memorabilia, and other superhero collectibles. Use ambient lighting to highlight the mask, creating a cinematic atmosphere.

The Leblon-Delienne Wall Mask Batman is a powerful piece that transforms any room with its heroic presence and intricate design. Whether showcased in a living room, office, or entertainment area, this mask adds an element of sophistication and drama, celebrating the legendary legacy of Batman.

Color Black
Dimensions W 37 X H 20 cm
W 14.567 X H 7.874 inch
Material Resin
Country of Origin France
Weight 4 kg
 Wall Mask Batman