Caraibi medium folded bowl

₹ 67,000.00
₹ 67,000.00
Color: Ivory & Brown

Craftsmanship and Heritage: The Artisanal Craft of the Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl

The Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl is a celebration of Yalos Murano's dedication to the age-old art

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Craftsmanship and Heritage: The Artisanal Craft of the Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl

The Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl is a celebration of Yalos Murano's dedication to the age-old art of glassmaking. Merging traditional techniques with avant-garde design, this piece exemplifies the rich lineage of Venetian craftsmanship, evolving yet preserving the essence of Murano glass. Skillfully shaped in the fires of Murano Island, each bowl undergoes a meticulous process that reflects the artisan's mastery and passion for glassmaking. Incorporating brown threads and a mother-of-pearl effect into ivory glass showcases Yalos Murano's innovative approach to blending color and texture. Rooted in a millenary tradition, the bowl carries the spirit of Venice, capturing the city's historical significance in the realm of glass artistry.

Design and Functionality: The Aesthetic Allure of the Caraibi Bowl

The Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl stands as a testament to Yalos Murano's ability to infuse functional objects with unparalleled beauty. Its design is a thoughtful convergence of form, color, and luminosity, designed to enhance modern environments with a touch of sophistication. The bowl's folded design not only adds visual interest but also demonstrates the fluidity and versatility of glass as a medium. The interplay of ivory glass with brown threads, enriched with a mother-of-pearl effect, creates a mesmerizing visual experience that complements any decor. Beyond its decorative appeal, the bowl serves various practical purposes, from holding cherished items to being a standalone centerpiece.

Illustrating Lifestyle and Emotional Impact: The Transformative Essence of the Caraibi Bowl

Integrating the Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl into your living space transcends conventional aesthetics, offering a piece that resonates with beauty, tranquility, and a profound emotional depth. Its presence is a daily reminder of the world's natural and crafted wonders. The bowl's serene palette and luminescent effect foster a peaceful environment, transforming mundane spaces into havens of calm and inspiration. Owning a piece of Yalos Murano glass represents an appreciation for art, culture, and history, enriching the home with a narrative of artisanal excellence. The tactile and visual qualities of the bowl evoke a deep sense of connection and admiration, stirring emotions tied to beauty and craftsmanship.



Nestled in the heart of Murano Island, the birthplace of world-renowned glassmaking traditions, Yalos Murano champions the intricate processes that have defined Venetian craftsmanship for centuries. The Caraibi Bowl, with its meticulous construction and innovative aesthetics, stands as a beacon of this rich heritage. Each bowl is painstakingly shaped in the fiery kilns of Murano, undergoing a rigorous process that showcases the unmatched skill and passion of the artisans. The incorporation of brown threads within the ivory glass, highlighted by a captivating mother-of-pearl effect, not only enhances the visual allure but also underscores Yalos Murano’s innovative approach to marrying colors and textures.

Yalos Murano places a significant emphasis on the training and development of its artisans, ensuring that the age-old techniques of Murano glassmaking are preserved while innovating for modern appeal. This commitment to craftsmanship and education helps maintain a high standard of quality and uniqueness in every piece that comes from their studio. The brand’s dedication to fostering talent and skill among its craftsmen is a testament to its commitment to maintaining the cultural heritage and integrity of Murano glassmaking.

Yalos Murano's contributions to various art and design schools, as well as their involvement in community initiatives, demonstrate their commitment to giving back to the community that sustains their craft. This not only enhances their corporate social responsibility profile but also deepens the connection between their luxury products and their cultural significance.

Owning a piece of Yalos Murano glass means more than possessing a beautiful object; it means holding a piece of Venetian history, a fragment of a storied tradition of beauty and craftsmanship. It represents a deep appreciation for art, culture, and the narrative of artisanal excellence that Yalos Murano continues to tell through each glass creation.

The Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano, with its rich heritage and stunning modern design, offers a unique decorative opportunity for any interior setting. Here are some style guide suggestions to effectively place and highlight this exquisite piece within various spaces of your home or office:

Selecting the Ideal Room:

  • Living Room: Place the Caraibi Bowl on a central coffee table or a prominent shelf. Its mesmerizing design serves as an artistic focal point, stimulating conversation and admiration. Complement it with minimalist decor to let the bowl stand out, or coordinate it with similar artistic pieces for a more eclectic vibe.
  • Dining Room: Utilize the bowl as a centerpiece on your dining table. It can hold decorative objects or function purely as a standalone piece. Its reflective mother-of-pearl effect will beautifully catch the light, adding ambiance during meals.
  • Study or Home Office: In a study, the Caraibi Bowl can be placed on a desk or bookshelf. It serves as a source of inspiration, reminding one of the fusion of functionality and art, ideal for sparking creativity in any workspace.
  • Entryway: Greeting guests with this bowl in your foyer makes a strong statement about your appreciation for fine art and design. Its captivating appearance sets a tone of sophistication and elegance right from the entrance.
YALOS  MURANO  Caraibi medium folded bowl

Complementing Decor Elements:

  • Color Scheme: The ivory glass with brown threads and mother-of-pearl effect pairs well with neutral backgrounds or earthy tones, enhancing the visual impact of the bowl. Consider colors that echo the natural elements of the bowl for a harmonious look.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial to showcase the bowl’s stunning details and color interplay. Ambient lighting or a directed spotlight can enhance the luminosity and shadows created by the bowl's folds, emphasizing its dynamic design.
  • Materials and Textures: Pair the bowl with materials that contrast its smooth and reflective surface, such as rustic wood, matte finishes, or coarse fabrics. This contrast will draw the eye directly to the bowl, making it stand out even more.

Styling with Other Art Pieces:

  • Create a visual dialogue by pairing the Caraibi Bowl with other Murano glass pieces or artworks that share a thematic connection, be it through color, form, or material. A well-curated collection can tell a story through its pieces, with each item enhancing the qualities of the others.

Incorporating the Caraibi Medium Folded Bowl into your decor not only enhances the space but also brings a piece of Murano’s glassmaking tradition into your everyday environment, combining beauty with a rich narrative of craftsmanship and artistry.

Color Ivory & Brown
Dimensions W 41 X H 15 cm
H 16.14 X L 5.91 inche
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.700 Kg