Rouge small folded bowl

₹ 38,000.00
₹ 38,000.00
Color: Ivory & Red

Craftsmanship and Heritage: Exploring the Artisan Craft of the Rouge Small Folded Bowl

Yalos Murano's Rouge Small Folded Bowl is a testament to the enduring legacy and skillful

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Craftsmanship and Heritage: Exploring the Artisan Craft of the Rouge Small Folded Bowl

Yalos Murano's Rouge Small Folded Bowl is a testament to the enduring legacy and skillful artistry of Murano glassmakers. This piece not only showcases the beauty of glass but also embodies the rich heritage of Venetian craftsmanship, passed down through generations. On Murano Island, each bowl is meticulously handcrafted using age-old glassblowing techniques, resulting in a distinctive marbled ivory with red spiral design that showcases the skill of the artisans. This bowl embodies a blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation, encapsulating the rich history of Murano's renowned glassmaking. The bowl's unique folded design and vivid coloration stem from a precise and laborious technique, ensuring every piece stands out as a singular work of art.

Design and Functionality: Unveiling the Aesthetic Appeal of the Rouge Bowl

The Rouge Small Folded Bowl marries stunning aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, making it a versatile addition to any modern environment. Its design is a reflection of Yalos Murano's commitment to creating pieces that are both beautiful and useful. The bold red spirals set against the marbled ivory backdrop provide a dramatic visual effect that enhances the decor of any room. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the bowl serves multiple purposes, either as a functional container for various items or as an exquisite decorative object in its own right. With a design that transcends trends, this bowl complements a wide range of interior styles, from classic to contemporary, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.

Illustrating Lifestyle and Emotional Impact: The Transformative Power of the Rouge Bowl

Integrating the Rouge Small Folded Bowl into your living space transcends conventional decor, infusing your home with a piece of Venice's storied glassmaking tradition and evoking a profound emotional response. Owning a piece of Murano glass bridges the gap between modern living and the rich tapestry of Venetian history, offering a sense of belonging to a centuries-old tradition. The bowl's vibrant color and unique design contribute to a lively and luxurious atmosphere, uplifting the spirit of any space. The craftsmanship and beauty of the bowl inspire a deep appreciation for the art of glassmaking, fostering a connection that goes beyond mere aesthetics.



Yalos Murano epitomizes the pinnacle of glass artistry, infusing the ancient allure of Murano glass with a contemporary aesthetic that speaks to the discerning luxury consumer. Nestled in the heart of Murano, an island synonymous with glassmaking excellence just a stone's throw from Venice, Yalos Murano stands as a beacon of artisanal heritage and innovative design. Each creation is the work of master craftsmen who seamlessly blend centuries-old techniques with modern sensibilities, crafting pieces that are not merely decorative but are true collectibles revered by connoisseurs and design aficionados globally. Yalos Murano is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and perfection, offering an exquisite array of glassware that ranges from sophisticated home accents to transcendent works of art, each piece a testament to the enduring legacy and luxurious essence of Murano glass.

The Rouge Small Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano serves as more than just a functional item; it is a versatile adornment for any contemporary space, reflecting Yalos Murano's commitment to aesthetic magnificence and utility. Whether utilized as a sophisticated centerpiece on a dining table or as an elegant storage solution, the Rouge Small Folded Bowl enhances its surroundings with its dramatic visual impact and timeless elegance. Its ability to blend with both modern and classic interiors makes it a perfect example of how traditional craftsmanship can adapt to and enhance modern living spaces.

Beyond its beauty and functionality, the Rouge Small Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano is a conduit for cultural expression and historical continuity. Owning this piece is akin to possessing a fragment of Venetian history, enriched with stories of artisanal valor and artistic fervor. It enhances living spaces not just visually but spiritually, imbuing them with a sense of peace and a reflection of the profound bond between the past and present. This bowl does more than decorate a room—it transforms spaces by bringing the soul of Venetian artistry into the everyday, allowing owners to experience the luxury of fine craftsmanship and the warmth of cultural heritage in their daily lives.

This piece is not merely crafted; it is forged from the fusion of artistic passion and rigorous discipline, attributes that have cemented Yalos Murano's reputation in the realm of luxury glass. Each piece is an ambassador of the island’s rich history, echoing the whispers of the lagoon and the clinking of the glassblower’s tools through the centuries. The bowl’s eloquent form and mesmerizing color palette invite not just admiration but introspection—encouraging a deeper appreciation for the meticulous labor and creative vision that defines true craftsmanship. In a world brimming with ephemeral trends, the Rouge Small Folded Bowl stands as a beacon of enduring beauty and cultural significance, making it a cherished heirloom that transcends generations, each owner becoming a custodian of a legacy that celebrates the confluence of art, history, and innovation.

The Rouge Small Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano is not merely a vessel but a magnificent statement piece, ideal for enhancing any living space with its unique design and historical significance. As an expert interior decorator, here are my style guide suggestions for placing this exceptional bowl:

Optimal Placement:

  • Living Room: Place it as a centerpiece on a coffee table or a side table. The dynamic visual impact of its marbled ivory with red spiral design can make it the focal point, attracting attention and starting conversations. Consider positioning it on a reflective surface, such as a mirrored tray, to amplify its mesmerizing color and light effects.
  • Dining Room: Utilize the bowl as a decorative centerpiece on a dining table. Pair it with minimalist tableware to let its vibrant colors stand out. For a more dramatic effect, coordinate with table linens that complement its rich red hues to create a cohesive look.
  • Entryway: Display the bowl on a console table in the entryway to make a strong impression as guests enter. Pair it with other Murano glass pieces to create a gallery-like display that narrates the story of Venetian glassmaking craft.
YALOS MURANO  Rouge small folded bowl

Styling Tips:

  • Accent Lighting: Use directional lighting or a focused spotlight to highlight the unique texture and color details of the bowl, enhancing its visual appeal and drawing attention to the fine craftsmanship.
  • Complementary Decor: Surround the bowl with neutral-toned decor to allow the bold red and ivory colors to stand out. Items made of natural materials like wood or stone can also complement the glass's luminosity.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Consider changing the surrounding decor seasonally—lighter, airy elements during spring and summer to match its freshness, and richer, warmer tones in fall and winter to align with its deep red spirals.

Subtle Details:

  • Reflective Elements: Incorporate small mirrors or glass objects nearby to reflect the bowl’s vibrant colors throughout the room, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Textural Contrast: Pair the smooth, glossy finish of the bowl with textured materials like coarse linens or chunky knits to enhance its sleek design through contrast, which will add depth to your space.
  • Color Palette: Draw inspiration from the bowl's color scheme for your room’s palette. Use shades of ivory and pops of red in your cushions, throws, or rugs to unify the space’s aesthetic and highlight the bowl’s impact.

By following these guidelines, the Rouge Small Folded Bowl will not only elevate the aesthetics of any room but also serve as a cherished artistic addition that resonates both historically and emotionally.

Color Ivory with Red Spirals
Dimensions W 7.48 X H 11.81 in
W 19 X H 30 cm
Material Murano glass
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.280 kg
YALOS MURANO Palma piega plate