Shell Mignon Ivory with red threads

₹ 7,500.00
₹ 7,500.00
Color: Ivory with Red threads

The Artisanal Brilliance Behind the Shell Mignon Bowl

The creation of the Shell Mignon Ivory with Red Threads bowl by Yalos Murano showcases the enduring craftsmanship and rich

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The Artisanal Brilliance Behind the Shell Mignon Bowl

The creation of the Shell Mignon Ivory with Red Threads bowl by Yalos Murano showcases the enduring craftsmanship and rich heritage of Murano glassmaking, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics to produce a piece of timeless beauty. Part of Yalos's distinguished Shell line of collection, this bowl exemplifies the collection's unique charm. The Shell line is renowned for its intricate craftsmanship, featuring striped exteriors and designs inspired by the natural shape of shells. This line pays homage to the sea, a fundamental element for Murano and Venice, infusing each piece with a sense of nature and elegance. The Shell Mignon bowl, with its delicate ivory base and striking red threads, is a testament to the collection's ability to combine natural inspiration with sophisticated design. The Shell Mignon bowl carries with it the legacy of Venetian craftsmanship, embodying the spirit and history of Murano Island's renowned glassmaking community.

The Elegant Aesthetics of the Shell Mignon Bowl

The Shell Mignon Ivory with Red Threads bowl is not merely a decorative item but a functional masterpiece that combines elegance, color, and design to enhance any living space. The striking contrast of ivory glass with vibrant red threads offers a captivating visual experience, enriching the decor of any room. Beyond its beauty, the Shell Mignon bowl serves multiple practical purposes, from a centerpiece to an elegant container for treasures, showcasing its versatile design. The carefully chosen color palette of ivory and red threads not only highlights the bowl's intricate details but also complements a wide range of interior design schemes.

The Transformative Essence of the Shell Mignon Bowl

Integrating the Shell Mignon bowl into your living space transcends traditional decor, offering a piece that resonates with beauty, history, and emotional depth, enhancing the quality of life and elevating everyday experiences. Its exquisite design and vibrant colors add sophistication and warmth to any setting, creating an inviting and refined atmosphere. Owning a piece of Murano glass like the Shell Mignon bowl provides a tangible link to the rich tapestry of Italian artistry, adding depth and story to one's home. The craftsmanship and beauty of the Shell Mignon bowl inspire a deep emotional response, fostering a space that inspires creativity, reflection, and joy.


Yalos Murano

Yalos Murano, an emblem of Venetian artistry, has once again surpassed the boundaries of traditional glass making with its latest creation, the Shell Mignon Ivory with Red Threads. This piece is not merely a product of craftsmanship but a vivid portrayal of the brand’s profound connection to the rich historical tapestry of Murano Island’s glass making excellence. As a celebrated entity within the realms of luxury decor, Yalos Murano continues to honor the legacy of its origins while steering the craft towards innovative horizons.

The Shell Mignon represents a perfect fusion of age-old Murano techniques and modern design sensibilities, a hallmark of Yalos Murano’s approach. The artistry involved in creating each Shell Mignon is steeped in the traditions of Murano glassmaking, which has been revered for centuries for its quality and beauty. These techniques have been meticulously preserved and refined by Murano’s master glassmakers, who imbue each piece with a lifetime of artisan skill and passion. The resulting work is a testimony to the dedication of Yalos Murano to uphold the heritage of its craft while making it relevant for contemporary aesthetics.

The design of the Shell Mignon—its elegant ivory glass intertwined with vibrant red threads—draws inspiration from the natural beauty and mystique of the Venetian lagoon, capturing the fluidity and delicate textures that characterize the region's rich artistic legacy. This choice of colors is deliberate, aiming to evoke the contrast and drama of Venice’s storied past and its vibrant present. The Shell Mignon is crafted not only to dazzle the eye but also to serve versatile functional purposes, from gracing a sophisticated dinner table as a centerpiece to acting as a chic container for treasured keepsakes.

The emotional resonance of the Shell Mignon goes beyond its visual and functional attributes. It is designed to be a conduit of inspiration, invoking feelings of creativity, reflection, and joy in its presence. Integrating this exquisite piece into a living space does more than elevate the decor—it transforms the ambiance, adding layers of sophistication and warmth that enhance the quality of life for its owners. The vase stands as a symbol of passion and mythology, each one telling a story of eternal love and heroic deeds, reminiscent of the legendary narratives that have traveled through time on the waves of Venetian canals.

The Shell Mignon Ivory with Red Threads by Yalos Murano is an exemplar of the rich Venetian glassmaking tradition and a stunning addition to any interior design scheme. Here's a guide to incorporating this magnificent piece into your home and maximizing its impact:

Selecting the Ideal Room:

  • Living Room: Place the Shell Mignon on a central coffee table or a prominent mantelpiece. Its vibrant colors and intricate design will make it a conversation starter, perfect for the social hub of your home.
  • Dining Room: Utilize the Shell Mignon as a centerpiece in your dining room. Its elegant design complements both casual and formal settings, adding a touch of sophistication to your meals. Alternatively, display it in a glass cabinet as part of a collection of fine art or dinnerware.
  • Bedroom: Position the Shell Mignon on a dresser or a bedside table to hold jewelry or small personal items. Its soothing colors and gentle design can contribute to a peaceful and restful atmosphere.
  • Study or Home Office: Display the Shell Mignon on a shelf or in a display case. As a symbol of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship, it can serve as a source of inspiration during your work or creative endeavors.
Yalos Murano Shell Mignon Ivory with red threads

Complementing Decor Elements:

  • Color Palette: Pair the Shell Mignon with neutral backgrounds or furnishings that accentuate its ivory and red colors. Soft beige, deep burgundy, or elegant black surfaces can make the vibrant red threads stand out.
  • Materials: To echo the luxurious feel of the Murano glass, incorporate other high-quality materials like silk cushions, leather furniture, or polished wood surfaces. This creates a cohesive, upscale look.
  • Textures: Balance the smooth texture of the glass with contrasting materials such as rough linen, plush velvet, or coarse natural stone. This interplay of textures adds dynamism and visual interest.

Styling with Other Art Pieces:

  • Create a themed display around the Shell Mignon, focusing on nautical or Venetian elements. Complementary pieces might include marine-inspired artwork, Venetian masks, or other glass objects with a similar palette or theme.
  • Ensure adequate lighting to highlight the Shell Mignon. Use spotlights or cabinet lighting to draw attention to its details and craftsmanship.
Color Multi-colour
Dimensions H 8 X L 16 cm
H 3.15 X L 6.30 inch
Material Murano Glass
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 0.36 kg
Shell Mignon Ivory with red threads