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Selected to create beautiful and unique objects for both the chess player and design enthusiast alike. Each individual piece is hand-cast in Stainless Steel, giving a timeless weight to the pieces and a unique architectural aesthetic.A tale of two cities, but where is your choice. This special edition allows you to set the scene of the architectural greats that will battle it out.32-piece set hand-cast in solid Stainless Steel.Heavyweight pieces with soft felt base
Each set comes complete with a hand-printed wooden or Italian Carrara marble board and presentation box.Founded by two London-based architectural designers, Chris Prosser and Ian Flood, Skyline Chess takes iconic architecture from around the world and pits the greats against each other, bringing impeccable design and gamesmanship into a beautiful set. As flatmates, Chris and Ian would play chess in the evenings and concoct the architectural skylines of their dreams to compete in theoretical games, thus creating the concept of Skyline Chess.
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